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Forum rules and guidelines!

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Forum rules and guidelines!

Post  Axel3 on Wed 21 Mar 2012, 18:08

Forum Rules:

1. Leave the profanity and explicit comments somewhere else.
2. Don't flame other members. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is a fundamental rule here and it's a big part of the reason we've grown so quickly. Many other Monster Hunter forums may not care as much but If you're tired of places like that, you've found your home among the rest of the Monster Hunter fans.

We always get new members. Most of the new members have respected our forum rules. If you're one of those new members, welcome to our community. We're excited to grow and to get the fresh opinions that come from new members. Unfortunately, some people have a complete disregard for our rules and it will not be tolerated.

The main philosophy here is that you can express your opinion but you cannot direct any abusive comments at another member. Don't take it personal & don't make it personal.

Members That Don't Belong Here
If you can't separate the messenger from the message, you don't belong here.
If you can't debate a point and you have to turn it into an argument, you don't belong here.

Forum leadership will NOT put up with posters making insults, attacks or threats against our members. We have only ever Permanently banned 2 forum members and hope we -word changed by blackice, dont fucking say nevr- have to ban any other temporarily or permanent. If you receive a warning listen to it and don't get upset.

On that same note, we're not trying to make this a forum that's devoid of all humor & fun. There's a difference between flaming (abusive, mean-spirited comments) and good-nature smack talk. Know the difference!

3. You can complain about MH games you don't like but don't let that influence your opinion of others and don't try to force your opinion on others.
4. Racial, sexual, or ethnic slurs are not allowed.
5. We are not a forum for discussion of politics and religion. Our main focus are Monster Hunter games, though sections are provided to speak about non-monster hunter related material.
6. We are not a venue for free advertisement or promotion of any website, cause, movement, group, product or service outside of Monster Hunter Games and wiki. External links in posts will be removed at the sole discretion of the MHWF leadership. No soliciting, marketing or seeking of anything through or on this forum. It will result in an mediate and permanent IP ban from the site.
Any members who break this rule run the chance of being banned immediately as spammers.
7. External links in posts are allowed but only to these types of sites: 1) obvious news articles at recognized news sites 2) newsworthy blog posts. 3) video links about Monster Hunter related materials. MHWF leadership will decide if the links are appropriate and in correct sections.
8. You can have a signature but keep it short or in a spoiler. Also it must follow forum rules. All pictures in a signature must be in a spoiler or you will not be allowed to have a signature.
9. Your posts may be edited for clarity, brevity or for any other reason at the sole discretion of MHWF leadership. Threads and posts may be moved or removed at our discretion.
10. If you are temporarily banned for misbehavior accept the ban. Any attempt at creating a new account to avoid the ban will result in a permanent IP ban from this web site. Multiple accounts are also frowned upon and are not needed. They are usually created for spamming or ban evasion so please do not create additional accounts or give good reasons for doing so.
11. Do not derail others peoples threads with rude comments or in anyway negatively toward the original post or poster. Even if you do not agree with what they are saying. (Have tolerance for others opinions.) Just because you do not like a game, show, ect. they are talking about does not give you the right to bash it or the other member. If you do not have something to add that is relevant or in good nature to a post, do not post anything at all. Accept other members likes and dislikes. Do not insult or make rival posts just to harass them. the post will be locked/deleted and you will be given a warning.
12. Rules Addition: Added 12/06/2011

Though we tend to think of each member of the Monster Hunter Wiki Forum Community as family this is not a place to disclose or discuss personal issues of a sensitive nature. Though the leadership of this forum does allow for other sections (mostly gaming related) this forums primary goal is the discussion and promotion of the Monster Hunter series and helping others to understand and more thoroughly enjoy it. This includes within the chat box as well. Within the chat box while general day to day talk is still permitted leadership has been advised to direct conversations away from subjects of a more sensitive nature, (these topics will usually be those related to issues such as family concerns, drug and alcohol use, inappropriate subjects of a sexual nature, religious and political arguments) and other topics that appear to distract from the enjoyment of this forum by the overall community. Please keep in mind that if you have concerns with which you think you need to discus with a friend you may PM them as it is kept private. Also if you are unsure of a comment or post you would like to make please PM staff before hand to make sure it is something that will be permitted.

13. Other rules may apply as well and posted in other sections of the Wiki and forum.


The ChatBox follows the same rules as the rest of the forum with a few additional areas of note.

1. The color of your text can be any color you chose, however it is important to keep the color to something that is easily seen and read. If others have the same color as you it is okay. the colors are the preference of those using the chatbox and colors are not registered to anyone.

2. You can be banned from the chatbox. This does not ban you from the rest of the site but should be thought of as an example on correct behavior while on the forums.

3. Links are okay as long as they follow the rules listed above.

4. Monster Hunter talk takes priority over any other conversations, however, no one has to chose to join in the conversation. Conversations are chosen by the majority. It is highly discouraged to leave anyone out of the conversation however.

5. Mods have the final say in the ChatBox when an admin is not on. If you disagree with the Mods decision or feel they are not following the rules, let an admin know right away.

Got a Problem with a Moderator?

If you think a Moderator is abusing their authority, you should 1st contact them and discuss it like adults. Be aware that any PM or emails to moderators may be shared with other moderators/administrators as necessary. If you've tried to resolve your concern with the moderator and you're not satisfied, contact an Administrator.

Got a Problem with an Administrator?

While we try to keep an open mind in all matters, this community is a free forum and is maintained and ran by the lead admin and decisions are final. Feel free to contact us with any concerns and we'll resolve the issue in a way that's best for the community.

I am available via PM if you have any questions. Thank you and please enjoy this great forum and the other members.

(and yes I copied and pasted this from MHWIKIFORUMS XD...)
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Re: Forum rules and guidelines!

Post  Leonhardt on Wed 21 Mar 2012, 18:34

rules r for squares Wink

Edit: this looked a lot like the MHWiki til i noticed u copied it...
be sure to give credit to them Very Happy
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Re: Forum rules and guidelines!

Post  stayman_jacobi on Wed 21 Mar 2012, 18:59

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Re: Forum rules and guidelines!

Post  blackice on Wed 21 Mar 2012, 19:14

i was about to say "axel you copy and pasted this from somewhere" and then i skipped the whole thing cause im not one for reading walls of text or obeying rules then i saw the bottum and im like "oh axel your stupid" facepalm

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Re: Forum rules and guidelines!

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