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Softmod and basic MH3 hacking guide

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Softmod and basic MH3 hacking guide

Post  blackice on Sat 21 Jul 2012, 16:14

llll llll
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NOTE: all words writen like this: <example>, are links.

~Part One:Installing The Homebrew Channel~
-ITEMS NEEDED:SD card, <SD card reader>,< Winrar>(to unzip files)
-The Homebrew Channel is where you can view and access all of your apps that you download for Homebrew.

-<Here is the best tutorial, in my opinion, that I could find on the internet.>

~Part two:Seting Up Your SD Card~
-ITEMS NEEDED: SD card, SD card Reader, Computer

-You will now need to download the basic programs for hacking Monster Hunter Tri. These include: Gecko, Ocairna Cheat Manager, and Riivolution with a MH3 pack. I will explain what these do and how to use each one later.

After installing Homebrew take your SD card out of your wii. Now plug it into your laptop using the SD card reader. First, download <this> file. Now save it to your desktop or where ever you want. Next open up your SD card, if there is already a folder named apps delete the pre-existing one. Finally drag the new folder onto the root of your SD card. This folder contains the Homebrew apps: Gecko Codes, Hombrew Brower(where you can downlaod more apps), and part of Riivolution.

The next thing to add to your SD is Riivolution. This program lets your run the Monster Hunter patch that includes things like: texture hacks, custom quests, and monster modifiers. Download <this> file. Next drag this file to the root of your SD card. Do NOT put it in the apps folder.

This is a computer program that lets you choose what cheat codes to use on Monster Hunter. It reads text files that have the codes in them. I will explain later how to use this program. Download <this> and save the .exe to your desktop.

~Part Three: Program Use~

- You now have all the needed programs for basic MH3 hacking. In this section I will describe how to use each one.

okay, once you have these programs downloaded, you can start using some codes in the game. First,download the codes file <here>. Drag this folder to the root of your SD card. Next, open the program, you will see a screen like this:
. Press file, open text file. Go to your SD card, click on the codes folder, then keep opening the folders until you get to a text document named RMHE08, and press open. It will take awhile to open and will say not responding. Just leave the program open until it shows the game ID (RMHE08). Now all of your codes will be loaded. Just scroll down the list and click on the ones you want to activate. For codes that need information added because they have X's or Y's in the codeing, go <here> to find the correct digits. Once done, click export to GCT, choose the removable disk your SD card is in, and click store(not store to file). Close everything, eject your SD, and put your SD into the wii. Now is the part where you use Gecko. Gecko is the program that uses these codes. Turn on your wii, have the monster hunter disk inserted, and go to the Homebrew Channel. Next click on Gecko and click load. It will boot up gecko and you will be at the gecko screen(obviously). Now click launch game, and wait. ignore the green flash and other things that make you thing your wii just exploded, and after like 4 seconds, the game will come on. Now go into the game as you normally would and have fun. WARNING, you may get banned online for using weapons or armour that arent obtainable at your HR, having the secret weapons equiped, having arena armour equiped, changing your HR, and sometimes from freely talking about and using hacks with people you dont know. Also, hacks may ruin the game for you and make it not fun anymore. Hack at your own risk and such. if you do get banned, it is always a ten day ban even though they threaten the next one will be permanent.
Now that you have used some codes you may want to change to diffrent ones. First return to the wii menu and take out the SD card. Next plug the SD card into your computer. Go into your SD card and into the codes folder. Delete the file called RMHE08(not the text file one). This will get rid of the old codes. Now just repeat the procces and add new ones. <Here> is a demonstration of how to use Ocairna to make it more clear.

Riivoultion is used to aply premade texture hacks, custom quests, and monster modifiers for MH3. It is quite easy to use. First, put your SD card and game disk into your wii. Then go to your homebrew channel and click on riivolution and click load. it will load for about 45 seconds then have a menu screen. I recommend pressing the button to the right that says install, This makes a Riivolution channel on your wii home screen for easier access. When Riivolution is done loading you will see a list of things with arrows that you can scroll with. This what it looks like:
it's pretty obvious what they do, so just choose which ones you feel like useing. NOTE: if you have custom quests turned on there are some quests online you can not join, so if you arent going to be doing custom quests, I recomend turning it off. To quit Riivolution just save your game and return to the wii menu.

lllll This is just a basic guide to hombrew MH3. I did not
lllll create any of these programs and am not responisble
lllll for any negitive consequences of using them.~Blackice
lllll For questions you can contact me at either of these
lllll locations:

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